Diablo III’s Season of Nightmares arrives this week


When’s the last time that you were excited about Diablo III? It’s been a pretty quiet spring for the ARPG, but Blizzard is about to make some noise with the debut of Season 17 this week.

The Season of Nightmares (the studio’s title, not ours) kicks off on May 17th along with the latest update to the game. Players will enjoy an ongoing buff from the Legacy of Nightmares set, which should change up some builds. Blizzard’s also bringing back Season 5 rewards to anyone who missed out on those the first time around along with new cosmetics and gear sets.

Patch 2.6.5, which comes out next Friday, adds several quality-of-life features such as three new torment levels, a search function for players’ stashes, and this tantalizing note: “Portals left behind by Treasure Goblins may occasionally lead somewhere udderly ridiculous.” Unfortunately, Blizzard said that technical issues have kept the studio from expanding the stash as it had hoped.

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I get excited every season, each season is still typically worth a good couple of weeks worth of play for me.


I like how they dug deep and managed to make the seasons even worse.


Not for me, i’m excited for the new season and old rewards, i didn’t play most of old seasons.

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If I didn’t have so much going on gaming wise at the moment I would be kind of interested in this one given the bonus affix that is in effect.

It actively encourages you not to simply slap on your gear set and sleep walk into high torments. Which makes the gearing process a little more interesting or at least more interesting than normal for D3.

Might sneak in for a little bit but too many other games on my plate to give D3 a lot of attention.


Good, something to pass the time until Elsweyr hits early release 5/20.