The Daily Grind: Do you have unplayed MMO characters you refuse to delete?

This is not ambiguous. It actually seems pretty straightforward.

For the longest time, I had an orc in World of Warcraft whom I had never played past level 7 but who was never getting deleted. Why? Because he was an orc warrior named Grignr. I only deleted him when server changes and such finally resulted in losing the name, which was the only thing that I cared about. It was Grignr. All that mattered was having a character with that ridiculous name, not ever actually playing him for any reason.

Generally speaking, I assume that due to character limits and the simple maintenance work required, most of us keep our character lists confined to characters we actually intend to play. But every so often there’s a character or two that we don’t mean to play that somehow keeps hanging around. An amusing name. A neat design. Sentimental reasons that make the character mean something to us more than the general irrelevance of that character might imply. So what about you? Do you have unplayed MMO characters you refuse to delete?

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My alts in LOTRO are mainly banks, but for a while I played all seven of them, a different one every week. When I realized my main (who is topped but nowhere near endgame), was lagging far behind, I just started to play that one. The rest are still there, resting.

I’d made a “disposable” toon on another server one time to farm points, and I just couldn’t get rid of him.

But when a kinnie says they are deleting a character to start a new one, the moment they vanish from the kin list, I swear I can hear an electronic scream… I hate that. :)

Regards… RT

Sarah Cushaway

My EQ2 Shadow knight :/ I’ve had him since like…I dunno, 2010-ish? Never play him. But just can’t delete him.

Roger Melly

It’s not so much I refuse to delete them as that I completely forget about them .

Person Dude

I have a draenei hunter that I refuse to delete because they still have arrows and a quiver!


I rarely, if ever, delete a character.

On the other hand, I rarely, if ever, create a character that isn’t fulfilling a role, and tend to dislike having to redo the level grind enough that I almost never create alts just to experience the early game again, so the only reason for me to delete a character would be if I made a wrong choice — one that can’t be undone without spending real money — which made me unsatisfied with my character; when that happens, though, I tend to leave the game instead of either deleting the character and starting anew or else paying to change whatever I’m dissatisfied with.


In ESO I have an awful orc warden that I made as my first character. I haven’t played him in 4 years because he’s absolutely awful but I don’t want to delete him because he was the first character that I ever stepped into the world of ESO with.

Trent “Twist” West

I have an ESO character that I completely botched beyond human comprehension, but I have all crafting maxed out: motifs, traits, recipes, everything. I recently deleted him however, but his loss is not in vain, it will give birth to an immensely powerful Necromancer, the likes of which Nirn has never seen.


Never hit the character limit so never had to delete any characters.

Most were unplayed as I’m not an alt guy, always hated the leveling process and always loved perfecting my characters at endgame. Hard to play a class to perfection if you’re jumping on alts all the time (unless the game is easy, in which case I wont be playing it anyway!)

Oleg Chebeneev

When I played Nostalrius, I had four 29 twinks. Warlock cost me more to build than all 3 other twinks combined (hunter, warrior, priest). And I almost never played him because he relied heavily on heals and I hated to be dependant on someone.
Obviously I wouldnt delete him cuz he was the best possibly geared twink that took quite an effort to finish.

Fervor Bliss

Crafting alts! Yes many. :)