Camelot Unchained is hard at work on corpse-chuckers, mortars, and doors


Doors, doors, doors. Yes, “a good amount of work was done to bring doors into” Camelot Unchained this week. That probably sounds silly, but if you’ve ever mucked around with doors in a guts of a video game, you know what a pain in the ass they can be – and also how much immersion they can destroy if they aren’t done properly.

“Christina added a persistent state system for items, so we can remember when our doors are opened/closed, build simple-state machines, etc,” the studio writes. “This is all data-driven, so we’ll be able to use it for much more than just doors. She also added damage resistances for all our damage types to deployable items. This way you can have a door (or any deployable item) that is extra strong against ice attacks, for example, but maybe isn’t as strong against fire. She also worked on the gameserver side of animating doors, so they can open and close while Mike D is working on the client side ensuring the doors look good while animating.”

City State Games also says it’s been working on character creation UI, the navmesh, shaders, the world map, the ability book, mortars, and something mysterious about a console controller (no, it’s not a console version).

If the wall o’ text isn’t your thing, don’t forget you can catch the end-of-the-week Q&A video instead; this past week’s stars Mark Jacobs himself discussing… yeah doors. Among other things!


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Dakota Royal

My problem with this game is it’s been in this constant state of alpha beta development for way too many years. At first I was excited, then the next year I was a little less excited, then the next year I was hopeing for release, then the next year and so on…i ended up getting a refund from beta because of how long it’s taken for this game to reach even the point it’s at now. They should of held off even mentioning this game existed until much farther into its development cycle…my daughter was just born in 2012 when I first heard about this and shes in 2nd grade now…my oldest was in middle school and shes about to graduate now. I’m in my 30s now and was 23 when I first seen this game through a teaser and every year it’s the same thing…the vods are the same thing…by the time this game even gets close to a release my house will be paid off and my oldest will have been married. I didnt wanna give up hope…but 7 years is just too long a wait for anyone.


When a tree falls in the forest, if no one is left around to hear does it really matter if there is a sound?

I’m sure somewhere there’s someone who still cares.


Rodney Perry

Plenty of us still do