Darkfall Rise of Agon lays out its upcoming in-game browser overhaul and armor system revamp in latest dev blog

I mean, if you're choosing this one...

A major patch for Darkfall Rise of Agon is in the works, and the developers have just posted a new update to give players the down-low on what they can expect when the patch goes live, which is currently slated for “early June.” One of the biggest projects under development is the complete removal in-game browser that is currently used to handle clan and journal functions. The current browser will be replaced with “a new standard game window,” which will be much more convenient and functional for players and also make it a great deal easier for the devs to add new features in the future.

The update will also bring big changes to the game’s armor system, introducing “a total of 12 new mastery armor sets along with an additional non-mastery robe set” while also adding “missing filler pieces in sets such as banded and plate.” And on top of that, every armor piece in the game will be having its protection stats and costs rebalanced “with the goal of adding more variety of armor choice.” In addition, players will be able to dye their armor to add that extra bit of personal flair to their gear sets. And to cap it all off, the update will also bring more extensive clan management capabilities and more hotbar customization options, the full details of which you can read about in the full dev blog on the game’s official site.


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On the screenshot above the game looks OK, but after playing it for about 30 minutes, I must say the game is clunky even by 2000’s standards. I can’t imagine anyone but veteran players getting into this.

The UI is unpolished and confusing, they lacked some sort action bar customization feature or something that was very important as far I remember. Movement and combat feels really outdated.