Here’s another clue that Red Dead Redemption 2 is heading (or was supposed to head) to PC

Take him out.

Rumors and frustrations over whether Red Dead Redemption 2 – and more importantly around these parts, Red Dead Online – will ever show up on PC have continued intermittently through last fall when the game launched for console players around the globe. Retailers, companion apps, and Linkedin have all offered hints and teases that it might be happening, even as early as this year.

We’ve got another hint today, as this weekend Redditor u/bongos_mongos noticed an entry for RDR2’s PC version in the Linkedin of a physics programmer who worked on the game several years ago. Here’s the relevant bit with personal info stripped out.

As the Redditor suspected, the Linkedin has since been scrubbed off the reference, but it’s tantalizing indeed. Perhaps the real question at this point is the one voiced by the Redditors in the thread: When it finally arrives, will anyone still care?

Source: Reddit via VG247

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It will 100% be coming to PC, you only need to look at the money they made from GTA to see they would be fools not to.


I bought it on PS4 in a sale a month back and haven’t been able to get into it. I liked the original Red Dead but this left me cold
(and not just because of all the snow in the opening couple of hours!) I’ll try it again sometime when I’m in the right mood.

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

There is too much money to be made for RDO to not come to PC. GTAO wasn’t very good for a long time but it was GTA and it was Online, so as long as Rockstar kept pumping out content people would be there. RDO is the same situation.

Sarah Cushaway

Man, I hope it does hit PC. One of the few games I’d actually be excited to play, but I’m not going to drop a few hundred bucks on a console JUST for this one game.


They made me wait this long, I’ll just wait until it’s 15$ like I did with GTAV.


The online play was sort of panned after a few updates from its release. Has it improved any significant way since then?

Hikari Kenzaki

If RDO had been available on PC out the gate when there wasn’t a lot of fun multiplayer games out, I probably would have jumped on it. As it is now, we’re getting into a crowded field and RDO’s track record has not been flawless by any stretch of the imagination.

Right now, competing for my time/money is The Division 2 Season Pass, Conan Unconquered, Draugen, Mechwarrior 5, Bloodlines 2, City of Heroes, STO and GW2… not all MMOs, but still time/money sinks I’d rather spend on.


I couldn’t care less about it until it get a confirmation that it’s coming to the pc…