MapleStory 2 announces Awakening expansion at MapleStory Fest 2019


The sold-out MapleStory Fest 2019 ran this past weekend as classic MapleStory celebrated 14 years online and MapleStory 2 announced a huge expansion called Awakening.

“The epic of MapleStory 2 continues on May 30th with the brand new Awakening Expansion, featuring a new set of Job Skills to master, new Dungeons and Chaos Raids to conquer, an increase in the Level Cap to 70 and a new hero on the horizon: Striker! […] Striker never expected to become a hero or to stumble into the grand events. His mission was to only protect those in Kerning City who had no one to help them. But fate had its designs on the fighter, and as he ventures forth to Tria and beyond, the forces of darkness will be quick to realize that a disciplined mind and brutal technique are a match for even the grandest sword!”

The Awakening epic storyline itself begins at level 60, though there are also 13 new dungeons, a combination of hard adventure dungeons, chaos raids, and Eye of Lapenta challenges.

Source: Press release, splash page

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