Final Fantasy XIV launches patch 4.58 along with world status changes and new cosmetic items


We hope you got your new characters made on Balmung and Gilgamesh while you had the chance; both of Final Fantasy XIV’s biggest servers are back to being marked as congested worlds, along with Cactuar. That’s part of a number of smaller changes that have rolled into the game alongside patch 4.58, which has brought itinerant moogles to the three major cities in preparation for an as-yet-unknown upcoming event. We’ll have to see what these hovering fluffballs herald in the future.

Other improvements include a higher drop rate for the Wreath of Snakes Kamuy flute, as well as the option to purchase it for tokens. You can also now purchase the Final Fantasy X cosmetic outfit in the game’s cash shop if you missed out on its status as a reward for fan festival attendees. It may not be the set of announcements that fans are eagerly awaiting at the moment (which involves benches and the marking thereof), but it’s still a pile of information to consider.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone – Patch notes from ffxiv

And from the comments in this thread it looks like the event information has already been datamined to some extent, at least in terms of what rewards you might be getting + what we might be doing to get stuff.

Aka it sounds like it’ll have us running old dungeons for currency to get some miscellaneous loot.

Ruby Lancer

Pardon me while I just kind of shake my head and laugh. I mean, really now. That’s just kind of silly.

The silly thing being that we went from having two of the biggest NA servers on Aether to having two of the biggest NA servers on Aether after the server shuffling and all. Yeah, Balmung is considered to be one of the biggest, if not biggest NA server there is, but it was fighting Gilgamesh for that spot to begin with.

Cactaur I suspect is where a lot of the folks from the Crystal DC went so they could potentially continue raiding on Aether because… old data points about individual servers making it sound like Crystal would be DoA in regards to raiding.

We will see how things shakeout with Shadowbringers at the end of next month and all. If we don’t end up having the same kind of issues we had at the start of Stormblood, then all’s well that ends well. If not… well its either SE’s fault or the playerbase’s fault. Maybe both.

Vincent Clark

Last patch before the expansion launch :) #hype