Warframe details changes coming to Nightwave episode 2 as episode 1 draws to a close


The first episode of Warframe’s Nightwave series, The Wolf of Saturn 6, will be wrapping up this weekend on Sunday, May 19th, but the devs are already planning for the start of episode 2, and they’re going to be making some major changes based on player feedback. For starters, to address player complaints about the difficulty of catching up after missing out on one or more of the episode’s weekly acts, the devs plan to implement a catch-up system that will allow players to play through any missed acts from previous weeks after finishing the current week’s acts.

Moreover, the team aims to cut down on the Nightwave grind a bit by reducing the number of acts offered each week while still “[maintaining] the standing rewards they provide.” Whereas episode 1 had seven weekly acts and three elite weekly acts, episode 2 will have only five weekly acts and two elite ones. The rewards for each act will be increased, however, so players will ultimately earn “the same amount of Standing as [they] would in the previous Episode upon completion.”

There will also be numerous changes to existing acts — including the removal of the requirement to complete them with clanmates or friends and the lowering of 60-minute Survivals to 30 minutes — as well as the introduction of four new daily acts, two new weekly acts, and one new elite weekly act. And of course, the new Nightwave episode will have an all-new story to go along with it, and while the devs are keeping quiet on the specifics for now, they do say that episode 2 “will have more interactivity with the players in new ways, expanding out and growing as the Episode progresses.”

For the full details on the planned changes for Nightwave episode 2, which will kick off after an unspecified “gap of time” following episode 1’s end, be sure to check out the full dev post over on the game’s official forums.

Source: Official Forums (1, 2). Thanks, Sophiskiai!

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