World of Warcraft is putting its Recruit-a-Friend program on hiatus

Bear bomb!

Farewell, Recruit-a-Friend program. You’ve helped us introduce a small number of friends to¬†World of Warcraft and helped a large number of multiboxers boost up secondary accounts, but now it’s time to bid farewell. Yes, the program is going on hiatus as of June 11th, which means you’ve got just under a month if you have some friends (alt accounts) you want to recruit (speed up leveling on without bothering to buy heirlooms).

For those of you dreading the loss for whatever reason, fear not; players are promised that the hiatus is just that, and the program will be back in a more rewarding form in a thus far undisclosed timeframe. Any friends recruited before June 11th with a linked account will still have 90 days to purchase game time for rewards, however, so you aren’t out of luck just yet if there’s still a lingering recruitment you’ve been putting off. Or, you know, a multibox account you just haven’t quite gotten around to yet.

In other news, it’s the 14th anniversary of the Leeroy Jenkins video, so that’s your “want to feel old” nostalgia in meme form.

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