AdventureQuest 3D’s Battleon revamp promises player housing, fishing, and live music events


If you play AdventureQuest 3D, you already know that the main town of Battleon recently burned to the ground and was rebuilt this past week. And what a rebuild it is! The town went from one small zone to many beautiful specialty areas. What you may not know is that this iteration of Battleon is just the beginning; many more features are on the way. Closed doors and unresponsive NPCs both will open up over time. Developer Cysero tweeted,

But we fully plan (in time) to add fishing spots (once we rework fishing and make it more intuitive and fun and useful), a Guild hall for starting and maintaining guilds, Allowing Player Housing from the Battleon Real Estate, Adding a Museum you get to fill, etc…

Player housing? Fishing? Bring it on, Battleon! In addition to these, Artix posted about plans of holding live music events in the not-yet-opened Colosseum. These short bursts of songs stay true to MMO event roots with monsters, loot chests, and even bosses on top of the light show and music. Learn more about the idea and add your own on the official site.


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