Blade & Soul’s Scarlet Tears update is now live


The latest update to NCSoft’s free-to-play martial-arts MMORPG Blade & Soul has just gone live, bringing with it a fistful of new content for players to punch and kick their way through. The update, titled Scarlet Tears, continues the epic Temple of Succession storyline with two new chapters that will lead players to the new Scarlet Conservatory raid. Serving as “a staging ground for some of the Dowager’s most horrific experiments,” the Scarlet Conservatory will pit players against two fearsome bosses and reward the victorious with “a new tier of Legendary Necklace, Mystic Badge, and Soul Shields.”

To help players prepare for their assault on the Scarlet Conservatory, the update also reintroduces the Dragon’s Bounty event, in which players can earn valuable accessory-upgrade materials as well as a variety of other rewards, including the Reborn costume and the Cryo Phoenix Illusion Weapon. And of course, there’s also an array of other tweaks and fixes, including adjustments for the Warden, Guardian, Force Master, Blade Dancer, Warlock, Assassin, and Destroyer classes. You can read up on all the additions and changes in the patch notes on the game’s official site, or you can go ahead and jump right in to see it all for yourself — the servers are up and ready to go now.

Source: Patch Notes

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