Got booty? SWTOR does with its Pirate Incursion event


Even in a galaxy far, far away, pirates are ever-present with their plundering and drunken carousing and Johnny Depp movies. But at least now you’ll be able to fight back against this trope thanks to Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Pirate Incursion event.

The event, which will arrive with the Dantooine patch on May 28th, has both Republic and Empire forces tussling with some not-so-innocent pirates caught in the middle. Daily missions will give players the opportunity to influence the final outcome, and unique rewards such as armor sets, Kath Hound mounts, and the radiant Ugnaught companion are able to be earned during these periods.

The Pirate Incursion will run for two weeks after the patch launch and then on rotation thereafter. The dev team said that during times of peace, there will be different missions for players to complete and enjoy.

Source: SWTOR
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