Hack and slash with a friend with Pagan Online’s two-player co-op


Most activities in MMOs are more fun with a friend, obviously, and the MMOARPG is most assuredly not an exception to that rule. With that in mind, some new two-player co-op options arriving in Pagan Online are certainly welcome.

Co-op play is currently available for all Missions and Assassinations, with appropriate fights tuned upwards to account for the extra firepower a friend brings. Co-op is not available for the main story campaign yet, but is coming soon.

The co-op feature is also opening the door for a number of planned updates including four-player co-op, synergies between heroes, special rewards and drops, and a hint at some “special co-op systems” that weren’t otherwise elaborated upon in the presser. There will, of course, also be balance and performance fixes incoming as well to account for any wrench in the gears cooperative play creates.

If you’re wondering whether you and that friend of yours should even bother with Pagan Online, then you can check out our first impressions to help inform your opinion.

source: press release
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