Sea of Thieves outlines adjustments coming to the Arena and Tall Tales

Sea of Thieves outlines adjustments coming to the Arena and Tall Tales

Joe Neate, executive producer of Sea of Thieves, has kicked out yet another developer update video which touches on some feedback points and changes that are planned for the Arena and the Tall Tales adventure, both of which arrived to the game as part of the anniversary update in late April.

An update is currently in Insider testing that includes some potential fixes for bugs that were preventing certain Tall Tales from completing or preventing players who completed all of the Tall Tales commendations from seeing a curse. The update will also let players fire a harpoon at friends who are grabbed by the Kraken to pull them back to safety. This new build should be arriving to the live game next week, provided testing goes as planned.

The video then moves on to several feedback points that the Sea of Thieves devs are paying heed to and working on for future updates. One of these is the problem of people dropping out of Arena matches, which Neate admits is being looked in to. There’s also the matter of stream sniping those who are playing the Arena live, which the devs want to address in some manner. The Arena has also exacerbated gun hit registration, but the devs may be close to an adjustment that may help.

Neate also discusses player drop-off when crews take on the Tall Tales content; there appears to be the most falloff at the start of the mission series, where either new or lapsed players are seeing confusing clues and instructions on how to get started or where to take the first step. The video is, as usual, chock full of information and even some artwork for Neate himself, so it’s worth a look if you’ve got some time.

source: YouTube

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