The Daily Grind: Do you have any hope left for Anthem?


I feel faintly as if I owe Bree an apology. When I volunteered to do our first impressions piece on Anthem, it was actually a reasonably positive evaluation based on the idea that while it was far from perfect, it had the bones of a good game underneath that fact. It seemed like a sure thing that it would make forward progress; the game would need to spend the next several months doing everything exactly wrong for it to seem like a losing bet.

Here we are a couple of months later, and wouldn’t you know it, the game’s team has spent that time doing everything exactly wrong.

Speaking personally, my hopes have migrated from “this could be a game going from a rough launch state to a polished gem” to “hopefully the game remains in a barely playable format on life support.” I no longer have any real hope that the game is going to actually start doing things right. So what about you, dear readers? Do you have any hope left for Anthem at this point? (Please note that if you never had any, you are exempt; you can’t lose what you don’t have.)

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Roger Melly

Not really , it went from a game I was thinking of getting at full price shortly after release if I was getting positive feedback from friends about it , to a game I decided to only get when it was half price or less and after all the negative comments it’s something I would have second thoughts about buying in the bargain bin at a tenner .

The thing that most concerned me is recent reports that there are not enough people playing to get groups at lower levels so I think only origin vault basic access is likely to save it now .

Ben Stone

I think there was a large amount of content held back intentionally for future roll out. Given the initial response I think they are tinkering it at the back end and going to push it all as a major expansion / revamp. I do think it will end up being a solid game, the core is definitely there.

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Nick Martin

Everything we know about the game state and dev cycle says there are a lot of ideas, but absolutely no content.


I do. Certainly. I consider it unfinished now but once I’m burnt from Division 2 and played the heck out of Borderlands 3, I’ll certainly have at least 20-30 hours and some money to spare for Anthem. Maybe in December, maybe early 2020. But I’ll pick it up surely.

Anthony Clark


It’s EA

Abandon all hope ye who purchase therein


Implying I ever had hope for it in the first place. There were enough red flags on this one from beta videos for me to give it a pass, and the more it was talked/hyped up the more it looked like this was Bioware’s desperate last attempt to make a hit after ME: Andromeda failed and their 1v4 isometric game was canned.


No. One of the few times I really felt like I deserved my money back.


I’ll buy Anthem no matter what – even if they’ll announce complete development shutdown in June/July (I doubt it’ll happen because it’ll kill BioWare). Just waiting for bug fixes and discounts (game clearly does not worth the price in its present state). Gameplay and character/javelins design are too good to dismiss the game completely. After these I cannot even look on warframes/archwings anymore.

disclaimer: I’ve played “demo” and well aware about bugs and loot issues.

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I played the beta (which was limited, but gave a good idea of what to expect).. I liked it but at that time I thought its nice, but it doesn’t seem to have enough to keep my interest. I liked the setting, the story, the graphics, the VO and the ME combat system.. but it still felt lacking…so much so at the time I cancelled my preorder.

However my friends then got all hyped for it and I uncancelled my preorder so we could game together as they dropped the guilt bomb.. lol

I played at launch, I enjoyed it, it had promise but my feelings were right the game lacked content, BIG TIME.. in a under a week I had done everything (multiple times) got all my javelins to masterworks and only had daily’s, repreat strongholds and challenges do which was all rinse and repeat. I even have all but one or two of the masterwork weapons and components.

It had other issues too like underhwleming loot drops, massive issues with legendary drop rates etc.. but the big issue was the content hole.. how this game released as a persistent online world with so little content without SOME sort of plan was a monumental fu** up frankly.. and not one they have been even remotely active to fix.

But do I have hope left for the game? hmm I would say so, not a lot but some.. it is a good i,p it would be a shame to bomb it one the first game but my gut feeling is this probably would have done WAAAAAAAAY better as a single player game and introduce multiplayer content down the road when you had enough content to justify it.. doing it the way the did may have killed it..

And like it or not (and I do) I haven’t had a single legitemate reason to log into the game in weeks and my guilt bomb dropping buddies are already playing other things.


I didn’t have any hope for it in the first place.


Lol, no. This game was DoA.