Survival sandbox roundup: War of Rights, DayZ, Conan Exiles, Astroneer, Atlas, and Ark


It’s Friday, and you know what that means: A solid week of MMORPG news has pushed a whole bunch of survival sandbox news off to a happy fun end-o’-the-week roundup! Let’s check in with some of our faves…

First up, the gorgeous Astroneer, where update 1.1 is set to go live early next week with a “little of everything, new content, bugfixes, QOL changes, and performance optimizations.”

ARK Survival Evolved will be formally re-enabling its decay timer on May 21st. Those timers were disabled back in April to help folks get back on their feet after an accidental mass deletion. People aren’t too happy about it.

“A note for those who have not logged in recently, if a structure on your server is over the timer limit it will automatically be removed when the servers restart with this change enabled. Therefore any spam structures will be cleaned from your server immediately. If you have refreshed your base in the last ~8 days (more/less depending on structure type), your structures will be safe just as they were before the decay was enabled. We’ve read your comments and tweets about wanting decay to be re-enabled and we do appreciate your patience with us during this time.”

In-development Civil War simulator War of Rights rolled out its 152nd update, complete with “rebel yells, union huzzahs to mark morale state changes, updated uniforms and a more accurate flag bearer spawn timer.”

Conan Exiles’ latest fixer-upper patch freed a bunch of thralls that y’all weren’t supposed to enslave in the first place. Oops.

Atlas’ “May mega update” is currently rolling through QA and destined to hit the PTR next week. Expect it to include new cosmetics, cargo racks, torpedoes, storage boxes, fishing nest, harpoons, the new giant tortugar, crossbows, ice, an ice dungeon, an ice box for transporting ice (really), and a revamped skill tree UI, among other QOL tweaks. Well, ice is civilization, I suppose.

Finally, DayZ’s PC version got a big platform update, 1.03, this week. “The 1.03 update features new ways to use your firearms, along with several quality of life improvements and some nice tacticool touches like the ability to attach the NVGs and the Universal Flashlight to your Tactical Helmet, or two brand new belt models,” the devs write.

With thanks to Kinya!

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