The Epic Store’s first major sale hits some roadblocks with notable titles

If (MONEY) then do (TAKE) and do (RUN)

Sure, having lots of titles on offer is good, but the Epic Store can’t really be like Steam until it starts pulling out absurd sales that convince people to open their wallets. Epic’s first “Mega Sale” has just recently kicked off, with discounts across the board and Epic itself offering $10 off every game above $14.99 on the storefront. Unfortunately, that resulted in the store getting one of its highly anticipated titles pulled from the store altogether, as Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 was briefly put up at a sale price before being taken down altogether.

It turns out that the issue was that Paradox Interactive did not want the pre-orders for the title to be subject to the sale, necessitating the title being wholly taken down for the moment. Epic has said that it will honor the sale price for those who purchased. Meanwhile, Supergiant’s upcoming title Hades went through a series of pricing snafus that ultimately at one point resulted in a sale price that was the same as its non-sale price due to a price hike without prior warning. It’s up to you if you see this as a sign of bad things on the horizon or just the natural growing pains of the platform.

If you’re specifically looking for MMO discounts, of course, it’s something of a non-starter to begin with. But we assume that our readers do sometimes play other sorts of video game.

Source: Kotaku
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