The Jovian Concord improves Gas City and adds Wisp to Warframe next week on PC


As of this next update, Warframe will have 40 unique characters to choose from. Those are a lot of options for taking out waves of hideous enemies, but no matter what ‘Frame you don, The Jovian Concord will offer a number of things for you to do, whether it’s with said new character or otherwise.

One of the highlights of this new Warframe update is a rework of the Jupiter location (aka Gas City), which has been redesigned with the shooter’s improved parkour gameplay in mind to let players dart along floating platforms, antennae, and crossbars. Of course, this revamped locale isn’t all hardcore parkour; there’s going to be things to face off against in the form of new Amalgam enemy types, new Sabotage, Rescue, and Spy missions, and the Disruption gameplay mode which promises a fight with the Ropalolyst.

Of course, there’s the matter of that new ‘Frame: Wisp is described in the presser as a floating threat that uses light-based abilities to support allies and damage foes. She can summon helpful Motes that provide unique buffs depending on which ability is used, and even has a passive that allows her to remain invisible in the air.

It’s all due to arrive to PC players this week and to console players soon™. For now, you can take a look at the changes made to Gas City and see Wisp in action in the video embeds below.

source: press release

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Rebb tweeted on Wednesday to keep people posted on how likely the update was to come out this week, and was heartwarming to see so many replies telling the devs to look after themselves and asking them not to crunch just to get it out sooner :)

Full announcement link:

People are guessing that the name of the new boss is a reference to Rhopalocera, the scientific name for the category of butterflies, but everyone’s probably just going to call it Flydolon!

The news that completing the Chimera miniquest is a prerequisite for the boss battle has me really intrigued, am wondering if this means it’s some kind of heavy advance scout for the New War and/or if there’ll be some main story lore with the battle?

Am impressed by how nightmarish the Flydolon and Amalgams look ~shudder~


Warframe’s “characters” are so dated and general chat is so heavily moderated that I’ll never re-install the game again. At least not until the frames will match Anthem javelins aesthetics.

(I’ve almost purchased Anthem today – it’s on discount. If only EA’s third party payment gateway didn’t reject my card…)


That’s good one!


The title is misleading. We don’t know yet if it improves the gas city or not, and whether or not it’s an improvement is entirely up to the observer. Personally I’m not a fan that they’re changing my second favorite tileset.