World of Warcraft Classic provides players with an updated rundown of known bugs

Well, it's just a phase.

The World of Warcraft: Classic beta is now in the hands of players, and that means that players are taking part in the oldest of traditions surrounding Blizzard titles: locating bugs. (No, not the silithid.) Players currently taking part in the beta test can peruse the issue of known issues, which will be particularly unenjoyable for Hunters stuck with Auto Shot not deactivating properly when Raptor Strike is used in melee range, seeing Dive and Dash not activate correctly, and pets not returning to your side when turned to Passive.

Players have also spotted some missing water in the Wetlands and the Deadmines, some missing textures on creatures, and some tooltip issues. It’s likely that this isn’t the entirety of the bugs in the current beta, but they’re being hunted down just the same; if you’re one of the testers, keep dutifully killing your way through the old world and reporting on anything wrong with the game. If you’re not one of the testers, well, please keep checking your launcher (and remember that there are no beta keys, so anyone promising to give you one is lying).

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The list of bugs that are not bugs but classic features makes a fun read especially the items that were bugs in vanilla but have been recreated to be authentic.

Tuor of Gondolin

Just as a reminder: you need an active subscription on modern WoW, plus have checked the “want to beta test” box. If you don’t have a subscription, you won’t get into beta.

maydrock .

Makes my dilemma below much easier. If they contacted me saying, hey, you can get into beta if you re-activate your sub. That would be one thing. Saying, re-activate your sub for a chance to get into beta when I have zero interest in retail, now that’s just not going to happen. But, I’m sure they got plenty of fish to bite.

maydrock .

Kinda mixed feelings on this. On the one hand I want to get into the beta because of my hype level. But, on the other hand, I want to wait to launch for the most polished experience and not diminish that experience by playing beta. /sigh