Apex Legends’ latest patch is all about sounds and hit detection

I blew things up!

Is Apex Legends just too darn loud? The game’s next patch is out today, and one of the things that it’s doing is just turning down the volume of the game across the board. Of course, that’s not all that it’s doing sound-wise, as the patch will also tweak and address audio issues that have led to everything from less efficient CPU usage to outright crashes. But now all of that will be addressed. Hooray for progress!

The patch is also rolling out fixes for incorrect hit detection issues which have also affected the game, so players should find fewer hits either failing to register or registering incorrectly (which will probably result in a spate of people complaining that something hit when it should not have, because people are alike all over). The full list of changes is available now on the official site for anyone curious about how the fixes will make for a better game all around.


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