Elder Scrolls Online’s Elsweyr early access has begun


We’re just two weeks out from the official launch of Elsweyr in The Elder Scrolls Online, complete with new zone, new Necro class, and of course, more dragons than you can shake a cat at. And you know what that means: Early access has arrived as of today, so those of you who preordered digitally (or who preorder digitally right now before the formal June 4th launch) can jump right in and kick up a dust trail on your way to the land of the Khajiit. Console players thank you for your service exterminating all the bugs before they are granted access, I’m sure.

“Your extra character slot from Elsweyr will be added after you log in to a character for the first time,” ZeniMax reminds players.

Meanwhile, both the MMORPG and ESO subreddits are buzzing over some tweaks to the cash shop right about now: The bundle that allows you to play any race in any alliance appears to be changing in price from 2000 to 11700 crowns ($20 to $80), although the 2000-crown price is still listed as the current sale price. [ZeniMax has clarified for us that that’s not the future price, in spite of the strikethrough of the higher value: The 11700 crowns is supposed to be its total value, but it will always be 2000 crowns. “The price you see on the Any Race, Any Alliance bundle is its permanent price,” the studio says. “It’s meant to display the total value of the bundle, rather than a sale (which is why there’s no timer.)”] And there’s grumbling over the ability to purchase Skyshards unlocks too, which are effectively skill point unlocks, and they’re not coming cheaply, nor are they account-wide.

Don’t miss all of our Elsweyr coverage to date!

And the new launch trailer is now up!

Source: Patch notes
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