Overwatch kicks off its third anniversary celebration on May 21

I do crimes.

It’s almost time for another Overwatch anniversary celebration after a year of new heroes, new maps, and about five minutes of forward motion in the game’s narrative. Starting on May 21st, the game is kicking off its anniversary celebration, which includes a free play event for everyone running until May 28th. And yes, people logging in for free can still take part in all of the anniversary content, which is running until June 10th.

Players will have access to all of the past seasonal brawls through the duration of the event, including the Storm Rising event. There’s also a new anniversary lockbox with six new Legendary skins and three Epic skins, new dance emotes for Wrecking Ball, Baptiste, and Ashe, and a fun assortment of past event skins also available in the anniversary lockbox. The celebration starts tomorrow, so get ready to party like it’s… well, 2016. It’s only a three-year anniversary.

Source: Blizzard press release