Revelation Online is dropping a huge endgame dungeon in Heaven and Earth on May 27


Revelation Online is moving heaven and earth – literally. Its next big patch is dubbed Heaven and Earth, and it’s launching next week on May 27th. So far,’s detailed its plans for bosses, battle companions, and the game’s new event hub, but today, the studio’s deep-diving the Temple of the Twelve Dungeon, the banner content coming in the update.

“This raid is specifically for a 5-person party,” says. “Once inside, speak to the Spirit Minister in each hall. This NPC will allow you to fight the bosses. The bosses you face will be at random, so you will never know who you’re about to fight!”

“In Hall 1, you will have the opportunity to face off with: The Rat Zodiac, the Ox, the Tiger or the Rabbit. While they may be your initial trials and classed as the easier of the Zodiac bosses, don’t underestimate their ability. In Hall 2, you will have the opportunity to challenge: The Dragon Zodiac, the Snake, the Horse, or the Goat. You thought floor 1 was easy? Things are just getting started! Also, pay attention to the loot, as these bosses have a chance to drop a key, which is a required item to challenge the bosses in the third and final hall. In Hall 3, you will face off against: The Monkey Zodiac, the Rooster, or the Dog and Pig Zodiac duo! As mentioned, you must obtain a key (Rear Hall Challenge Certificate) to challenge these bosses from Hall 2. If you do not, you will not be able to challenge them.”

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Simon Morales

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