Worlds Adrift’s May update improves the Blight, knowledge, and ship storage


It’s been a few months since we checked in on Worlds Adrift, the early access MMO sandbox. MMO players will recall that back in February, Bossa Studios essentially admitted the game had failed to become “the commercial success” it hoped for, despite its “best efforts in delivering a game that provides hundreds of hours of unique gameplay, a social space for all to share and a whole lot of love.” Player numbers on Steam, always low, have fallen a bit more since then, as folks on Reddit discuss the slow content pace and wonder whether the game is dead.

Well, it’s at least not dead. In fact, at the beginning of May, Bossa pushed out a sizable update with tweaks for telegraphing, the Blight, ship storage, logout mechanics, and the knowledge system.

“Revamped knowledge tree to include various set schematics previously found on islands. These are categorised into branches that reflect what they are used for, such as exploring or shipbuilding. Scanning an island or island object displays the number of databanks still to scan on the island. Knowledge nodes will be automatically unlocked if you had previously found and learned the schematic. Knowledge gained is now displayed in the same fashion as gaining resources. Removed Knowledge from scanning every object on islands, except databanks. Scan UI has been revamped and moved from the bottom left corner and is now much more clear.”

Source: Steam
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I guess things arent going well there. It always looked a unique project and I wanted to try it but being busy with other games and their big focus on PVP(at least at first) kept me away from it. I dont know if it still worths trying

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i really wanted to like the game but it gave me dreadful sense of fear of heights while playing, nearly constantly. i could only stand to play a few hours of the early wider alpha test, but it felt really promising and i kept cheering them on.

they had a really open development cycle that generally consisted of as much show as tell, in particular what they had going right then and there. i also liked what i sampled of the crafting and materials itemization.

but inevitbaly while on air ships and some of the islands we encountered it was overwhelmingly unpleasant due to fear of heights and wondered how much that would be a factor for the overall consumer response to it.