Newly announced MMO Eternal Magic has something ‘for the girls’


Game developer Duoyi and distributor 101XP announced today that they’re developing a free-to-play MMORPG that sounds far too good to be true. Eternal Magic, according to the website, contains epic 80-player battles, a MOBA mode, PvP, and player housing. 101XP calls it a “killer mix for an incredible adventure.”

Starting out, the classes fit a typical MMORPG skill-set. We have a Knight, a Gunslinger, a Spellblade, a Priest, a Mage, and an Assassin. Each class can be adjusted to playstyle with five different categories of action-style combat. The videos for the game don’t really explain the combat well, nor do they show the UI, but the press release talks about combo enhancement and cooldown decrease. This usually indicates action combat similar to many of Lineage-esque MMOs out there.

The social aspects of the game have — let’s say — an interesting twist. The game features player housing that players can decorate how they like. Of course, there are decorations for parties and weddings, including all the outfits players will need. And that’s not all:

“Last but not the least, a small bonus for the girls. Every shield maiden can download a photo and take part in the beauty contest. Other players will make gifts and give attention to their favorite ones. The statue of the most popular girl will be installed in the capital city.”

A closed beta test will begin soon, and players are welcome to apply on the official website. Those selected will receive a free Apprentice Pack when the open beta starts later this year. But if players want to be certain to join the CBT, then purchasing an early-access pack will guarantee an invite as well as three-days access to the game before anyone else. These packs along with everything else you’d want to know about the game are, of course, already available on the official Eternal Magic website.

Good luck getting that statue!

Source: Press release and website
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