DC Universe Online previews its revamped Survival Mode


Say you’ve hit the absolute top tier of content in DC Universe Online; you’ve gotten through all of the latest episodes, have an immensely high Combat Rating, and you’re looking for something to test your mettle. Enter the new and improved Survival Mode, which was previewed by the devs of DCUO in a livestream.

This new version of Survival Mode has some noteworthy changes from the last time the mode was made available. First and foremost is the fact that the mode is now four-player only, meaning that every role matters and that finding a team should be simpler. There will also be additional progress points every odd-numbered round, so there’s less of a time commitment and you can pick up pretty close to where you left off before.

As far as round structure, it’s pretty much the same as before: Take on two waves of enemies, and then fight the boss, with successive rounds seeing an increase in Combat Rating. Survival Mode will have a total of 30 rounds, which the devs believe is not a challenge that can be surmounted. Of course, there’s rewards waiting at the end, including currency rewards that can be spent at specialty vendors.

The new Survival Mode is on the game’s test server now. The full livestream can be found embedded below.

source: YouTube