Hearthstone’s Rise of the Mech introduces big nerfs and buffs for the season

Hearthstone’s Rise of the Mech introduces big nerfs and buffs for the season

The Dalaran Heist has been out only a week and Rise of Shadows just over a month, but Blizzard is focusing hard on Hearthstone right now, which is welcome news given the rather sad 2018 the game had. Yesterday, the studio announced a bunch of changes under the Rise of the Mech event banner. Specifically, for the month of June, players can snag “a golden copy of the new neutral Legendary Mech, SN1P-SN4P,” then turn out for the Mech-vitational on June 34rd-4th and participate in the next arena season kicking off with the update.

But the key bit to the announcement comes in the form of hefty nerfs for the overpowered Rogue and Warrior decks as well as rather large buffs to some wimpy and underused cards for every class. “Changes to these cards will be permanent, and these cards will keep their updated stats after The Boomsday Project rotates out of Standard next year.”

“For this update, we decided to take two cards from The Boomsday Project from each class and give them a slight power boost. We think all the cards we chose can lead to fun and interesting experiences, and our aim for these changes is to encourage you to think differently about how you’re currently building decks. We’re hoping that some of these cards will see consistent play in the current rotation, and even inspire completely new decks without having a lasting negative impact on their respective classes. If the goal of a balance update is to address metagame outliers, then the goal of something like the Rise of the Mech update is to inspire some fun, new ideas. We look forward to hearing your feedback!”

Reddit is in love. Kotaku pointed out that Blizzard has been slow on the draw with balance changes over the last few years and even slower on major nerfs and buffs. Either way, things just got interesting for fans of MMOTCGs.

Source: Official site, press release, Kotaku

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I tried Chapter 1 of the Dalaran Heist and REALLY like it. Not sure if I wanna spend the $20 on the full adventure yet or not but I def like where its going, even if I am terrible and cant beat the last boss each time I have tried. I am bad at Hearthstone with mage lol