RuneScape announces its summer update, The Land Out of Time

Old and busted.

Summer is swiftly approaching, and the folks at Jagex have just announced RuneScape’s summer update. Titled The Land Out of Time, the update will send players to the eponymous “lush jungle island” where they will uncover new secrets and surprises while contending with “the ancient terrors concealed within.” What kinds of ancient terrors, exactly? Right now, that’s anybody’s guess, but between the title and the ominous roar in the update’s first teaser trailer, there definitely seems to be a bit of a Jurassic-Park-esque vibe going on.

The Land Out of Time will continue the epic Elder God storyline where it left off after the recently added Desperate Times quest, in which players are tasked with somehow convincing the primordial Elder Gods that they shouldn’t destroy every world in the known universe. The devs promise the update will be “packed with adventure and brimming with mysteries awaiting discovery.” There’s no official release date just yet, with the trailer advertising a July launch, but the announcement post says “there’s not long to wait” before players can set out for this savage new land, so be sure to keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks.