Albion Online is once again under sustained DDOS attacks


Albion Online is no stranger to DDOS attacks, MMO players will recall. When it formally launched in 2017, it fended off weeks of DDOS disruptions followed up by an apparent blackmail attempt by the perpetrators. This week, the game is once again under a concerted and ongoing distributed denial of service attack.

“We recently upgraded Albion’s servers and solved an issue with performance of large-scale fights,” Sandbox Interactive wrote yesterday. “Unfortunately the problems we are dealing with now are a different beast. They are caused by so called DDoS attacks, which started several days ago and which we’ve been defending against. After some initial problems, we brought up our defenses and successfully defended even against relatively severe attacks. The issues you’re experiencing now are the result of an ongoing struggle between our partner’s DDoS defense infrastructure and our attackers. For the most part we appear to be winning (the game is up after all), but occasionally something slips through and causes these disruptions.”

While the studio doesn’t want to give more details than necessary to avoid tipping off the attackers, it does promise that it’s doing what it can alongside its hosts to fend off the attacks. The studio has not yet posted about potential compensation for players, though players are offering plenty of speculation that the attackers are banned goldsellers.


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If only these game companies had the power of the MPAA to push some major operations in other countries against this kind of stuff.

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Ugh. Like anybody needs this sort of douchebaggery interfering with a game they like.

Hopefully, the day is coming when the computer-literate generation will start writing laws, and stuff like DDoSing will be prosecuted as a crime.


In the vast majority of Western countries, DDoSing *is* a major crime. The problem is that they often aren’t doing this stuff from Western countries. They’re either across the world, or set up the attacks to happen from across the world. It’s hard to track them down to be able to prosecute them.

I agree that I’d like more effort put into finding and stopping them, and definitely some hard line examples made of the people doing this stuff.

These people aren’t just DDoS attackers though they’re blackmailers too. They’re even deeper into the criminal activity. It’s one thing when it’s pissed off players who feel they’ve been hurt (as wrong as that still is and as much as that still deserves prosecution as well). It’s another level when they’re doing it for blackmail purposes to a company that hasn’t done anything negative to them at all. They’re also less likely to stop when it’s for blackmail, they want to keep going until they get paid off.

I bet some companies have paid them off just to get rid of them and kept it silent, which is the worst thing you could possibly do as it makes the activity just continue on and on.