Medieval MMO Conqueror’s Blade will soft launch into open beta on June 4

3 “medieval MMO” Conqueror’s Blade is finally emerging into open beta, the company announced this morning. The game is set to hit what appears to be a soft launch free-to-play open beta on June 4th, with some founder’s pack owners leaping in early on May 28th.

“Global publisher and developer Booming Games are excited to invite players to join in on the medieval action of their free-to-play tactical MMO, Conqueror’s Blade. Players can now master the art of medieval warcraft, create their own unique warlord from 10 different classes and lead armies to war and conquest. Warlords can enter the fray of epic 15 vs. 15 siege battles choosing to employ special abilities, devastating weapons of war and cunning strategies to gain the advantage. Players can also ride out into a perilous, vast open world and conquer lands and resources in the name of their burgeoning empire. Beginning June 4, every player can register on and start their solitary conquest or join forces with other conqueror’s to reshape the vast open world into their unique empire.”

It looks as though the bottom-tier $15 pack gets you in only three days early, so you’d need to shell out $60-$100 for the full week’s early access, with plenty of titles, cosmetics, and premium gametime built in too.

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Melissa McDonald

PvP / PvE?


Feels like a typical empire based strategy game where you can forge alliances and attack others.

I may be wrong but searching around it felt like a Risk tabletop game based mmo strategy game

John Dorian

Can’t wait to jump in. Deus vult!