No, Elite enemies in World of Warcraft: Classic are not dealing too little damage

Doom approaches.

Remember how back in the earlier days of World of Warcraft every Elite was a vicious murder machine, leading to Bloodborne-esque dances of nearly dying every time one hit you? That’s an interesting memory, because it turns out that’s not true. After seeing player claims that far too little damage was being dealt by Rhahk’zor in the Deadmines, Blizzard fired up both the beta test and the internal test environment of 1.12 (which is the actual classic client in a state not acceptable for public use).

The results? Average damage dealt in both versions was identical. It turns out that at level 20 when you know how to gear up your tank, he actually doesn’t hit all that hard whatever you might remember. We’ll save the speculation on why that gap in memory might be there, but for now you can run forth and bravely catch an Elite enemy’s damage with your face, confident in the knowledge that it’s hurting just as much as it should be. Hooray!

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