Path of Exile demonstrates its new Blood and Sand melee skills

Hit things.

You know now that with the Legin update, Path of Exile wants you to hit things. It wants you to hit things a lot, and one of the tools for that is the new Blood and Sand stance dancing. Yes, the idea of calling something “Sand Stance” might feel a little bit weird, but the abilities tied to it certainly make sense. Blood Stance makes your melee abilities deal more area damage with a smaller area of effect, while Sand Stance increases your area of effect whilst decreasing damage.

These stances in turn affect other skills, like turning your Bladestorm into either a bloodstorm (causing enemies to bleed and increasing your attack speed) or a sandstorm (causing enemies to be blinded while you move faster to a dance soundtrack). Another new skill, Flesh and Stone, will either give you an aura making enemies near you take more damage or making you more resistant to ranged damage. Check out a video just below to get a sense of how hitting things will be that much more effective with the next big update.

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Forget the dancing, I’m just going champion warchief and dropping totems on everything that moves.