Warframe previews the agile Runner and gluttonous Oni


With TennoCon 2019 on the way this July, Digital Extremes soon has to shift its attention to this massive event. But before that shift happens, the studio was able to put out one (possibly) last pre-show developer livestream to give players a peek into the next major content update for Warframe.

The focus of the devstream was mostly on warframes — namely the new Runner and Oni frames as well as a rework of the Wukong. The Runner’s abilities weren’t shared, but the class’ agility and speed (not to mention a “Redline mode”) were mentioned, while the Oni is a class that “likes to eat things using his void stomach.” So, Jabba the Frame?

Meanwhile, the Wukong is getting a high polygon delux skin, an ability to clone itself, and tweaks to its other skills. You can check out the full livestream, including some tantalizing concept art, after the break!

Source: Warframe. Thanks Sophiskiai!
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The new “runner” frame has a serious theme overlap to Volt and Zephyr frames. Will have to see how that turns out…