WRUP: Let us drink the Juice edition

the juice

Let us drink the Juice. Let us. Drink the Juice. The Juice. We desire the Juice. Give us all of the Juice and let us drink it. The Juice. We desire the Juice. The Juice is to be drank. Drunk. Drinky drinky drink time for the Juice. Drink all the Juice. Let. Us drink. The Juice. Give us the Juice.

Stop using bad words for The Juice like “it’s not safe for human consumption” or “this will literally melt the skin off your body” or “seriously, it probably tastes horrible” because we know you are just keeping all of the Juice for yourself. We want the Juice. Give us the Juice. Let us drink the Juice. Juice juice juice, the Juice, let us drinky up that Juice.

Mmm, gonna drink all that yummy Juice. Let us drink the Juice. Let us know what you’re drinking in this week’s What Are You Playing. We will drink the Juice.

Bonus question: Have you ever fallen asleep at inconvenient and unplanned times, like in class or at work?

Andy McAdams: Nothing too exciting for me gaming-wise, it’s a busy weekend for RL stuff. I’m getting hyped for Final Fantasy XIV (to the surprise of no one), so I’ll spend my time in FFXIV; I also picked up No Man’s Sky when it was on sale and I’ll probably putz around in there.

I’m also terrible at sleeping, so I don’t fall asleep inconveniently.

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): Another soccer tournament and an unexpected funeral will make it difficult to hit the keys much this weekend, but I may be able to continue my The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr playthrough during moments of downtime.

I used to never be able to sleep during the day when I was younger, but as I’ve gotten older naps have become more frequent and coveted. A couple of years ago, I even fell asleep watching Star Wars with the family. Star Wars! Can you imagine? I’m still a little ashamed to admit that one.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): City of Heroes again for me. Working mostly on my troller, but I have a fleet of alts now, and I’ve gotten back into crafting a bit. I need to hop into Star Wars Galaxies Legends to restock my vendors too!

I’m pretty terrible at falling asleep in general, so it’s rare for me to accidentally drop off. The most memorable time I did do so, however, was in the middle of a late-night EverQuest raid, if that tells you anything about how exciting it was.

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX): I’ll probably be dumping time into FFXIV. I’ve been doing some questing and I find it relaxing. No idea why I stopped in the first place… but yeah, I’m working on the rogue/ninja questline. It’s pretty interesting!

To be honest, I find sleeping inconvenient. I know people love sleeping, but I always get sleepy when I have time to game. Hmph! I know one of the reasons I stopped questing was because it was putting me to sleep too. But I’ve been getting better sleep lately so I’ve actually been questing for once!

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): There will be more Final Fantasy XIV in my immediate future once again. I think I’m at a point where I can perhaps comfortably begin tackling the MSQ bits that lead towards Shadowbringers. That, of course, assumes I can tear myself away from watching my character look badass in the benchmark or ponder the wonderful possibilities of tanking with the new Job actions. Exciting times indeed. There’s also likely going to be some Dauntless as my husband and I play alongside one another. Man is it good to have full-on crossplay working. It’s almost like platform exclusivity is BS or something.

I genuinely can’t recall a time when I fell asleep at an inconvenient place or time. I think the most tired I’ve ever been was after Thanksgiving when I had to drive back home from PA to VA. Traffic was murderous and it ended up being a 10-hour ride to the point where I was deliriously seeing road signs hop in to place beside the road when they came in to view of my headlights.

Colin Henry (@ChaosConstant): This weekend’s playtime is definitely going to be dominated by TESO’s newly launched Elsweyr expansion, playing the story and leveling my Necromancers. Yes, that’s Necromancers plural, because I have three already. Don’t judge me.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Well, I may not have much to do in FFXIV right now, but I’ve got lots of coverage of FFXIV to clean up and videos to edit… and also the siren song of World of Warcraft luring me back as a cheap hookup whilst I wait for the expansion. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve made that poor decision.

Ironically, my most “inconvenient” sleep wasn’t entirely my own fault; I was exhausted and sick and had a raid night scheduled in WoW (this was back during Wrath), so my wife brought me cold meds… specifically, NyQuil. I was a bit upset at the time that I was suddenly aggressively nodding off, but we both laughed about it the next day and she was entirely right that I needed to rest and feel better.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I’ve got some serious City of Heroes soloing to do, as I work my way through many of these story arcs for the first time with my bots Mastermind, Pain Jetson. I might just pick up TESO’s Elswyr to get the new Necromancer class, and I definitely want to do a Dungeons and Dragons Online run or two.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I shall play The Elder Scrolls Online! I swear that I shall actually play it this time! I am thinking about picking up a second copy for my non-gamer husband as an introduction to MMORPGs.

I once fell asleep while driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Luckily, someone blew their horn and woke me up as I slowly drifted into the next lane, having taken my foot off the gas. The adrenaline of almost dying kept me awake the rest of the way. I had been up over 24 hours. It turned out that two more was too many.

Samon Kashani (@thesamkash): Guild Wars 2 and Rocket Arena are battling for my time this weekend. I suspect I’ll get to play board games too thanks to the holiday weekend.

I once fell asleep inconveniently during an all nighter preparing for a class presentation. I think I had three or four team members over trying to wrap the assignment up when I began to get tired. “Five minutes, I’ll get up and we can finish this.” Next thing I know, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the group is packing their bags.

Tyler Edwards: No D&D this weekend, but I am hoping to finish off Dungeons III and maybe check out Knights of the Old Republic before my Origin Access sub runs out. I have something new I intend to check out as well, but I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about that in public yet…

Bonus question: Dude, I can barely sleep when I do want to. You think I could nod off by accident?

Patron Pierre: I finished Tales from the Borderlands last weekend and I can say now that it’s become my favorite game from Telltale, even better than The Walking Dead (the game) S1 imho. I think I shed a little more tears at the end of the last episode of Tales from the Borderlands than at the end of TWD S, if it’s indicative of the level of immersion reached in this game. But don’t worry, you laugh a lot more than you cry in this game. I’m still enjoying exploring the streets of Washington DC in The Division 2: So many things to do and to discover in this game. I really love it. And finally, after watching a few streams, I’ve been convinced that Days Gone is an excellent game and I will start my playthrough on this PS4 exclusive this weekend. Enjoy your gaming weekend MOP readers and let us know what you’re up to. <3 <3

Every Saturday, join the Massively OP community and staff for What Are You Playing, our roundup of what MMORPGs and other games we’re hoping to play this weekend (with a bonus question or two for our amusement). Tell us what you’re up to! Go off-topic! And don’t forget to have fun!
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Nate Woodard

No games this weekend. Catching up with family and friends and I have to catch a late flight to Washington State tomorrow. Apparently, those cowboys have computers. Who knew?! ;)

As for the bonus question, I have not yet fallen asleep on the job, but who knows what the future holds?!


Me? I’m drinking chocolate milk. I will be playing Neverwinter and City of Heroes. As for sleep? I am constantly in some state of sleep. Like there I am at any given time partially asleep.

Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina

How is Neverwinter? I’ve been curious since that new expansion for it came out.


I’m coming back from a several year hiatus and I never did get too far, so I really wouldn’t be the best person to answer that. I’m enjoying it though.


non-tab-target action game that can be run on pmuch any potato~ with mostly satisfying combat animations :3

for new players the class (and feat/boon) changes are a boon since it streamlines and simplifies things greatly making it a lot less headachey to get into

for existing/returning players, the class (and feat/boon) changes removed nearly all build experimentation tho

i.e. they swung the simplify-and-streamline hammer too hard and there are talks of doing something to adjust that, nothing concrete yet

storylines end with dungeons, and there is greater emphasis on proper (less cheesy) group oriented play with all the changes

early and lowbie content is still FUN; grind still creeps in around level 50 when campaign stuff is introduced with repeatable dailies, which is meant to be mitigated by the campaign challenge system’s introduction

combat has slowed down a tad tho with the removal of easy accessibility to ability cooldowns (nothing new players will notice or get affected by, but is a gripe for some existing players)

think i touched on everything related to the big changes


if time permits~

champions online

yaaaay~ destroid factory got reworked and put back…. buuuuuuuuuuuuuut, the vocal minority that enjoys this challenge stuff is gonna be done with it within two weeks and the silent majority is gonna try it once or twice then go back to waiting for new costume pieces. boo

dunno why they lately feel the need to insert neverwinter type of dungeon boss fights here, and there is a difficulty option for players if they want the challenge, why shove everyone into a coordinated group challenge, esp. if it is part of the regular storyline thing, grrrrrrrrrr blah anyway, i do want harder content for players who like it, but setting that as the default entry just annoys me to no end. this is why i never bother with neverwinter’s endgame dungeons or on anywhere else for that matter. lack of proper difficulty tiers sends a pretty clear message to me to not even bother because i know how the experience will be unless am surrounded by newbies :3

anyway, gonna give it a whirl (will HAVE to, coz i know my pals are gonna try to run it) and will try not to be too annoyed with the amount of stuff i need to pay attention too blah

star trek online

been resisting the urge to make new captains grr, i still have way way way too much catching up to do, thankfully, the rep stuff and episodes etc. are all fun and good… i just need tiiiiiime grrr and yes my priority is still to finish my dum temporal agent recruit thing lol

started watching discovery series too (yes forced grumpo to sit with) and the in-game stuff is starting to make clearer sense, so that’s cool… and i love the fact that grumpo is super chill (about everything as always) about the show, even tho i can clearly see why ppl had/have such strong opinions about it (this is not an invitation to discuss the show, pls and ty)


rift – still ignoring every bit of the storyline and enjoying the group content of intrepid adventures (the rolling dungeon thing) and yes i still compare the game to star trek, esp. trek’s battlezones and this adventure thing, because ppl keep jumping in and out of the group and you don’t HAVE to bring a specific role, etc. etc. and this stuff is my kind of relaxing deal; so i am always looking forward to it, even if it might get repetitive. plus there is an xp bonus thing going on and i wanna spam up my alts a bunch. tiiiiiiiime, grrr

trove – stupid addictive game and i am still seeing waaay too many comparisons to neverwinter for my liking grrr, still adorable and silly tho. stalling at u8 difficulty and trying to sorta get organized with my classes, and rework cornerstone and blah blah blah, always something to do. insane lag tho for some reason, which makes crowded maps a torture, booo

neverwinter – still need to catch up with my pals, again, tiiiiiiiiiiiime. need moar time. that has been my constant whine lately. hufffffff.

also, i need to stop checking the twitter feeds for games i like, the sheer amount of idiotic vitriol and bizarre conspiracy theories from vocal players (and ‘players’ who ‘quit’) is incredibly nauseating, uggh, just an amazing lack of shame, decency and self awareness, blah.

anyways, hope you bozos all have way more gaming time than i do lately~

Danny Smith

Well i tried Dauntless and holy shit that game is hot trash. I have played every game in the hunting genre. Its the only thing outside horror i consider myself a well informed ‘expert’ on in terms of gameplay types. I have played the rockiest stuff from Soul Sacrifice to Final Fantasy Explorers and everything trying to get dat monhun money inbetween: THIS IS THE WORST.

Every other game has some unique or redeemable quality. God Eater has its 2071 post apocalyptic japan setting, Soul Sacrifice has its grotesque fairy tail based monsters, Toukiden has its fast movement and Freedom Wars has its sentencing mechanic all off the top of my head.

Dauntless right from the off gives an impression of “everything you can look at here is done better in multiple games elsewhere”. It has the same artstyle Fortnite and Realm Royale rock and its turning into the videogame version of calarts. Its easy to shit out but lacks any identity of its own. Its monsters are slow, have very few attacks and you are even worse. I heard beginners complain about having to attack once in a blue moon with things like the monhun Gsword but the straight up animation locks in this are horrible. To say nothing of juddering and rubber banding from at a glance looks like serverside lag and a unstable engine and/or netcode. The camera is too low, the FOV is off, the item usage is limited and doesn’t always work.

I could keep going and going but as someone very used to these games its like going from Half Life 2 to Hunt down the Free man. You can tell what they are very clearly imitating but the blow it at every regard.
I try to give games a good college try and force myself to get through a lot more of it but this was so bad in two days i uninstalled it again because i was straight up never touching that again when i have across my Switch, PS4, Vita and 3DS a dozen better hunting games to play.

The Weeb formerly known as Sray
The Weeb formerly known as Sray

Good to know I’m not the only one having issues with attack animation locking. I know it’s a “staple of the genre” but it seems abnormally harsh in this game: a lot of the attacks seem to only have a one second “tell”, but you’re often locked in a 3 second attack animation you initiated 1 second before the “tell”.

Danny Smith

Its simply a case of the developers not understanding the ‘why’ when other games do what they do. In Monster Hunter the Great Sword is insane raw damage that can be buffed depending on game various ways to do even more so. But that means at high level you do a run swing from sheathed, slam it down, roll away to dodge any attack, resheath it and get ready to do it again. Its slow but when you get it down its slam>roll>sheath>turn>repeat and there is a flow to it. Dauntless lacks that flow because theres no understanding that in games like Monhun that whole ‘gittin gud’ aspect is understanding its huge damage with the tradeoff that for 1-2 seconds you are totally open for an equally large hit from the monster. So its about when to attack and as you learn the monsters you learn when to do that so it all comes together.
This was not that because the frames/animations are terrible. The movements are laggy. It locks you in without a solid cancel but without the monsters designed in turn.

Its like when a comedy film director tries a horror movie. They have some idea of what works but not the subtleties of the whole piece that make it work and why.

The Weeb formerly known as Sray
The Weeb formerly known as Sray

I can get behind that kind of design where the animation lock is about a trade-off. If player attacks have a “point of no return” in them where you’re going to complete the hit no matter what, but you’re stuck possibly being open to a big hit for that instant too, then the lock makes sense. But in Dauntless the monster can interrupt the player attacks literally at any time, but each of the monsters only have two or three specific instances where they can be interrupted. There was a good comparison I read earlier today where MHW the monsters behave like actual animals, whereas the monsters in Dauntless behave like dungeon bosses in an MMO: in MHW locked animations are the trade-off for high risk moves; in Dauntless they’re just the punishment for not having “learned the script”. I know there’s some appeal in the latter, but personally I’m not all that into just regurgitating the script.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

ESO and Total War 3 kingdoms for me this long weekend! It’s even inspired me to read romance of the three kingdoms… English translation of course.

Oh, and I will also be drinking the juice.

The Weeb formerly known as Sray
The Weeb formerly known as Sray

Shelled out sixty bucks for in game stuff, so I really want to enjoy Dauntless, but… it’s too hard. There, I said it: the thing that you’re not allowed to say about any video game because according to “real gamerz” everything is too easy… despite the fact that “too hard” is actually the number one reason why most people stop playing a game after 7 or 8 hours. The attack animation locking is just a bridge too far for me: I feel like I’m constantly 2 seconds away from being punished for pressing a button 2 seconds ago. Yeah, I said pretty much the same things in another thread about it last night; just pissy because it feels so close to being something really fun to me, yet it’s also just so far away. Okay… I think I’m done whining about Dauntless on this site now.

Outside of torturing myself for not liking monster hunter type games when I desperately want to, I just activated a free trial of Xbox Game Pass and I’m playing through Vampyr. It’s alright so far. Dontnod is better at story stuff than combat, but this isn’t terrible. The main character’s design seems odd: in all likelihood, a doctor in 1918 would have been clean shaven with maybe mustache; yet this guy is running around with a huge beard that makes 9 out of 10 hipsters cry tears of unrestrained jealousy. It’s not a great game (at least not yet), but there’s worse ways to spend your time.

When I’m not bitching about video games, I’m chilling with anime and manga. Despite there being some pretty decent shows on this season, I’m watching the trash. Fruits Basket, Shield Hero, One Punch Man? Why would I want to fill my head that type of quality entertainment? Instead I’m watching Wise Man’s Grandchild, We Never Learn, and What the Hell are You Doing Here, Teacher; they’re all kind of entertaining for what they are, but they’re not aiming to be high art. I’m also watching The Helpful Fox Senko-San, which is like the anime equivalent of City of Heroes: not very demanding or deep, low energy, yet refreshingly relaxing in a landscape filled too many things with too much going on for the sake of keeping you busy.

For manga I’m reading a strange trifecta of The Promised Neverland, Grand Blue Dreaming, and Domestic Girlfriend. Neverland is an instant classic that should be held up along side comics like Fables and Invincible as contemporary masterpieces. Domestic Girlfriend is the place to get your trashy soap opera fix. And Grand Blue is… it’s… um… well… there’s nothing out there like Grand Blue: it’s like a manga artist spent 6 weeks watching every bad 1980’s teen/college movie on repeat 24/7, and said “I need to turn this into a comic, but without the pesky moral to the story or characters learning anything”… and it is comedic gold.

I’ve rambled on long enough: have a safe and happy weekend everyone.


Mechwarrior online, Crowfall, and some DDO.


This week: I am glad the CoX movement is still going strong!

Also this week: WoW!

Trying to figure how to update the new TERA client without losing the pigtails over a blue streak…it apparently comes with a new launcher I’m told. :(

…and more WoW!

Have a great week and weekend folks! <3

Kickstarter Donor
Loyal Patron
Jack Pipsam

Not much, it’s getting cold and rainy, but that’s alright because we need rain haha.

I got two games for my Xbox this month, A Plague Tale: Innocence and Team Sonic Racing. Both very thematically similar in tone ;3

A Plague Tale: Innocence is not for the faint of heart, if rats spook you, you won’t want to play this. It’s a third-person narrative driven game played with stealth-mechanics and light environment puzzles with some light combat thrown into the mix.
It’s a very grim game in terms of narrative, but I appreciate it for it. The gist is it’s set in France both during the black death (a more magical version of it), but also you have to deal with both the Spanish Inquisition and English invading forces.
You play a girl (I want to say like sixteen/seventeen-years-old?) named Amicia, you grew up in a noble family and everything was swank. Until it wasn’t. The game becomes a giant escort mission where you have to literally hold-hands with your younger brother (Hugo, like ten I think) as you follow the story.
Turns out he’s sick with some special illness and you need to find a cure for it, but to get from A to B you need to go through all the bad dudes plus the bad rats.
Did I mention the black death was magical? Well think the E3 trailer for Days Gone with the billion zombies, but it’s rats.
So rats are this giant swarm in this game, only held back by light, so you need to use light to your advantage in puzzles to get through, but also kill enemies in a delightfully gruesome fashion (i.e throw a rock at their lamp and watch them be eaten alive).
Like any video game, your character does some pretty horrible things to get through the mission. But what works here is that your younger brother is beside you the whole time.
So if you do something horrific, your bother like squirms and speaks in this scared child’s voice of “Why did he have to die?” and things along that fashion. The game basically guilt-trips you as you play the game. Some might find this annoying, but I appreciate the twist.
The dialogue is really well thought out, the graphics and overall presentation are stunning and the mechanics are tight.
If you’re looking for a grim, but very well made a single-player video game, I would recommend giving this a look.

Very much along those same lines we also now have Team Sonic Racing. A dystopian science-fiction horror game where a blue hedgehog and his other talking animal friends get a random invitation from a strange tanuki. This stranger invites them all to hop into his space-ship as he takes them to Planet Wisp to take part in a series of intense live or death competition. aka. Kart Racing.
Despite the friend’s immediate suspicion that the tanuki is working with the dreaded Dr Eggman, they still all decide to climb into fast-moving vehicles to race around tracks which wouldn’t pass any health or safety standard that I know of.
The twist is that they must work together in teams of three, so you win together or lose together. A fellow member of your team leaves behind a slip-stream where if you enter and can stay following in it, you can get a boost to sling-shot around the side of them. You can also pass items to each other.
For example, if you’re playing the correct choice in character, being a yellow talking fox with two tails (you’ll never guess his clever name) and you get smashed by a rocket thrown at you by an obese purple cat and then your red aggravated echidna friend who wouldn’t ever be friends with you in real life manages to get ahead. You can attempt to follow his trail to get yourself a boost so you can try to get back ahead of the rather large cat (you’ll never guess his clever name).
When a meter is built-up, all three members of your team can get a massive unfair advantage by activating some kind of drug to make yourselves go insanely fast and zip along the unsafe track.
The story is compelling, the pink hedgehog who we shall call The Girl One, often expresses how she doesn’t trust this but is enjoying the sensation of speed so she’ll keep on going with the dangerous event despite everyone knowing it’s a trap. The blue speedy hedgehog who can run faster than any of the cars assures his friends that he won’t let anything bad happen.
If you like Bladerunner, you’ll love Team Sonic Racing.

blah blazh

I’ve heard great things about A Plague Tale. I’m tempted to pick it up.


Tried Tree of Savior, the game does not run, tried to fix it, didn’t work, uninstall, i wanted to play it for few days, i may try City of Heroes if i have time.

For sleeping, i have the opposite problem, i can’t sleep when there are people around, i need to be alone, away from any noise, sometimes i have to use ear plugs.