Path of Exile previews improvements to map boss fights coming with the Legion update


Taking on big, scary bosses in Path of Exile is pretty much par for the course. Some of those boss fights are looking to be adjusted in the incoming Legion update to the MMOARPG and there’s a video showing off some of those fights. As a video, there aren’t a lot of specifics to offer up in text form (obviously). Regular players will very likely recognize these bosses, however, even if the mechanics are new. They also look like they’re pretty challenging in that “raid boss dance steps” sort of way.

That’s arriving on June 7th, but maybe you’re looking for some neat Path of Exile stuff now. In that case, if you’re a Twitch Prime member, you’ve got several goodies coming in the form of new cosmetics like a new helmet and a new visual flair for the Divine Herald skill. These freebies will be available to claim until Sunday, June 23rd.

sources: official forums (1, 2)

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