RuneScape: Banks are bettered, RuneFest approaches, and Old School gets better support


There’s a lot buzzing and swirling about in RuneScape’s neck of the woods, so let’s catch up with this long-running title. In fact, that long run has caused some issues for providing support to Old School RuneScape, a situation that Jagex said it will improve.

“Most of the systems we use for player support were made back in the early 2000s,” the studio explained. “Back then, the Nokia 3210 was a flagship mobile phone and Microsoft had just launched Windows XP. Both were ground-breaking at the time, but unsurprisingly compare poorly to the tech available to us today. The same is sadly true of our back-end support systems.”

Fans of both versions of the MMORPG are invited to join the community for this October’s RuneFest in England. Tickets are going on sale Friday, May 31st, although the official site does not have any prices, details, or schedules listed.

Over in RuneScape proper, bank improvements are on their way to the game:


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Easy Rider
Easy Rider

It’s just awesome that this game is still alive and keep updating