The MOP Up: Conan Exiles pops its god bubbles


Bubbles. They are marvelous things that thrill children, turn gum into an art form, and apparently ward off evil barbarians from being naughty. Of course the danger of bubbles is that every so often… they pop.

The so-called “god bubbles” have been failing at Conan Exiles, causing some corrective action to take place: “We’ve been aware of a critical issue affecting the functionality of Shrine protection, or ‘god bubbles,’ which would make them disappear on server restart under certain circumstances. Our team has been working hard on providing a fix for it.”

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)! [With thanks to Steve for our intro tip here!]

Good news for Overwatch fans: You’re finally getting replays. And sooner rather than later, even!

MechWarrior Online is hosting a “Remember the Fallen” Memorial Day weekend event for patriotic robots.

Educational and kid-friendly Adventure Academy boasts a budget north of $100 million. “The team’s collective resume includes work on World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and WildStar. Intended for elementary and middle school learners, it went live on May 1.”

DreamHack is putting up $100,000 to host a female-online CS:GO tournament. Its presence has divided the community and opinions over why such an event is necessary.

Anarchy Online’s community voted to unlock the Shadowlands expansion for the MMO’s progression server.

All 13 of DDO’s anniversary cloaks are now available to be claimed for free with these codes! [Thanks DDOCentral]

The battle royale battler Realm Royale is now out on Nintendo Switch!

The third chapter of Hearthstone’s Dalaran Heist is live: “The merchants and dwellers of Dalaran mustn’t be allowed to stop her from accomplishing the League of E.V.I.L.’s dastardly plan. It’s up to her hired help to sow chaos in the streets, distract the merchants and makers, and buy enough time to pull of this most audacious heist!”

Riders of Icarus has a new dungeon boss to tackle: “After defeating the 6th boss Pirate Leader Karrad, we have now opened the door to the next boss Lucid Alpher. Shall we test our Ancient Skills to this Boss? Are we worthy enough to have the drop items from this boss?”

Neverwinter brought out a small patch that… um… took away auto-looting? Accidentally? Whoops. Meanwhile, Undermountain will arrive on consoles this June 18th.

The first teams that beat Division 2’s newest raid got their picture in the White House. Not the real one.

Tactical map markers, a rebalanced Vikendi, and more custom match options are part of PUBG’s latest patch.

Mu Online’s 10th anniversary event is live with loads to see, grab, and do!

Netmarble’s Q1 2019 reports are in, with the company posting sales of $424.6M, which was a 2% decrease from Q4 2018. MMOs accounted for 32% of total sales. [Source: press release]

MapleStory M busted out two new explorer classes for players to try out: the Buccaneer and Marksman. “The update also brings link skills and secondary weapons! Link skills grant the ability to teach characters in the same server a special skill. With secondary weapons, players can equip two weapons for ferocious and diverse attack combinations, a power unlike ever before!” [Source: press release]

Don’t go overboard on this, but Dawn of Isles may actually be a mobile MMO that looks worth playing — and it’s coming out on May 29th (iOS) and June 4th (Android):

June 8th is a community day for Pokemon Go, so head out and capture some slackers:

Funcom’s Mutant Year Zero is getting an expansion on July 30th called Seed of Evil. Sounds like wholesome stuff. “The new character in the upcoming expansion for Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, is the powerful moose Big Khan. It remains to be seen if he sends the group of mutants on a wild moose chase.”

The Cycle revealed the game’s second map, enticingly named Map 2:


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Surprised HiRez is still pushing Realm Royale along even though they killed all momentum it had. Normally by this point they’d just sweep it quietly to the side and pretend it doesn’t exist anymore.

Indigo Salma

You can actually play Dawn Of Isles on PC if you want it from apkure on android right now. The apk file is 1 GB though. And either use Bluestacks or NOX.