Aion: Legions of War promises to pump up PvP while also delivering co-op action


Aion: Legions of War, the mobile spin-off of NCsoft’s high-flying MMO, has been a busy bee since its release earlier this year. NCsoft recently put out a blog in which it promised to make the PvP in the game “more fun and exciting” by tweaking heroes, healers, and the mez ability.

The next content update will also bring out a PvE mode called rifts. The team members said that rifts are “our first co-op event that will provide an attractive playground for players to battle along with their guild members. Rift will open for the first time upon our next content release and be open for a limited time (but will open again on future dates). The hope is that each time we open rift it provides an even better game playing experience!”

Other patch additiuons include an extended hero progression system called FATE, special SEED shards, and a stat reforge option. Give rifts a gander in the following gameplay video!


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Bruno Brito

PvP on Mobile.

That won’t be messy at all.