Wakfu says ‘no more’ to enchantment bad luck

Wakfu says ‘no more’ to enchantment bad luck

Wakfu has been listening to its community following the addition of enchanting to the game, and what it’s heard may seem like common sense to everyone else in the known universe: Nobody but nobody likes it when you fail so hard at making something that you actually make it worse. We get enough of that in real life, but in our games? No thank you.

At least Wakfu’s devs are waking up to this, as they’ve promised to change enchanting so that the worst that can happen is that you’ll simply not get any improvement on the item. Other changes coming to enchanting include a reduction in cost and the ability to keep old bonuses.

It doesn’t look as though the devs are going to back down on the randomization of this system, however. A detailed explanation was given for why this decision was chosen for enchanting. “It’s not easy to do exactly what you want, but it’s very straightforward to do something effective and well-optimized with whatever context the game presents to you,” the devs stated.

Source: Wakfu

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