Dauntless attracts over 6 million players in the first week following its official multi-platform launch


It’s been only one week since Phoenix Labs’ free-to-play monster-hunting MMORPG Dauntless officially launched on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, but in that time, it’s racked up some seriously impressive statistics as Slayers from across all platforms congregated in the Shattered Isles to socialize, slay Behemoths, and fashion chique gear from their carved-up bits. In an infographic released by Phoenix Labs earlier today, the studio reveals that in its first week, the game has garnered the attention of over 6 million players, “doubling its player count since the PC Open Beta.”

And boy have those 6 million players been busy: “Players worldwide logged over 20 million hunts, surpassing 15 million hours played.” On top of that, 60% of slaying parties have consisted of cross-platform players making use of the game’s vaunted One Dauntless system, which allows players to access their accounts from any platform and group up with other players regardless of their platforms of choice. And while it’s certainly impressive that the Slayers have racked up a combined total of 13 million Behemoth kills, the most important statistic shared in the infographic is far and away the fact that Ramsgate’s loyal canine companions Bruna and Max have been pet “an incalculable number of times.” You can check out the full infographic, which is chock full of even more tasty statistics, just below.

Source: Press Release
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