Red Dead Online introduces a new challenge to hunt animals and nothing else


The Wild Animal Kills Challenge in Red Dead Online is interesting in part because it already knows what happens when you get a whole lot of players with guns and a competitive streak into a small area, and it’s not about that. While taking part in this new challenge, players will be trying to take down as many animals as possible, but players will also be prevented from shooting one another to get around the challenge mechanics. You are hunting animals and nothing else. No, you don’t get to pop off a shot at that other hunter to make things easier on yourself.

Of course, those of you who do prefer to shoot at other players will be interested in the new Head for the Hills mode, a new Showdown mode in which a player tries to get back to a safehouse while other players try to put that fleeing player down. There are more Showdown modes on the way, as well as new fashions and a new reward for players who have two-factor authentication enabled on their accounts. Good stuff, even if some of you might have been disheartened as soon as you realized that hunting wild animals means hunting just animals.


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Joseph Romero

Love all the people that think RDO is a failure and is gonna die. They seem to forget that GTAO literally had the same problems if not worse at launch.

Kickstarter Donor

Wait wait wait…. People are still playing RDO?

I thought folks figured out a long time ago that they could just punch themselves in the face several times and get the same level of entertainment, without the time commitment.


Shadex De'Marr

What? No dinosaurs or aliens or robots? Gotta keep up with the times Rockstar.

Danny Smith

If this game isn’t dead as dicks by next year i will be shocked. They wanted another GTA online money farm but i dont know a soul still touching it.

and i know people still playing fallout 76 and anthem so riddle me this.


Yay more auto-aim challenges.