The Invasion begins with EVE Online’s latest expansion


Abyssal Deadspace was not enough to hold the Triglavians, which means dire things for New Eden. But more importantly, it means new content for EVE Online as the Invasion expansion goes live today with big updates to the internet spaceship sandbox.

The party piece of the expansion, of course, is the titular invasions that will happen across known space. These invasions will start with small fleets of Triglavian ships but will escalate to Minor and Major Conduits, building up to the World Ark Proving Ground over the coming days and weeks; if you’ve experienced the Sansha incursions, you very likely can assume how these invasions will unfurl. More Triglavians, of course, means more Triglavian tech for players, with new Mutaplasmids and Tech II ships available.

One of the arguably largest updates in Invasion is the addition of a War Headquarters requirement for corps to launch a War Dec, which gives the defending side of a conflict a means to end the war by destroying the specified building and further stops the system from being used to grief new players. There are also updates to the Agency to make it easier to navigate and find things for players to do.

Many of these updates were touched in in the EVE Down Under keynote address, which is embedded below. You can also file through our own coverage of everything EVE Online in the links provided.

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