World of Warcraft: Classic dragon griefing, Argus redux, and BFA end boss


Fun fact: Did you know that Blizzard had originally been considering Argus — the late Legion content update — as its own full-fledged expansion? While the studio didn’t go in this direction, the thought of doing more with the destroyed world hasn’t gone away entirely.

So could World of Warcraft players ever go back? J. Allen Brack may have dropped a hint that more Argus expeditions are in our future when he said in an interview that, “We’ll continue to think about it and continue to experiment.”

And as the countdown is happening for Patch 8.2, speculation is running wild as to the final Battle for Azeroth boss coming in Patch 8.3 (which will also be the final major patch of the expansion cycle). Icy Veins guesses that either N’zoth, Magni Bronzebeard, or Azeroth’s World-Soul will be up for the task.

Meanwhile over at WoW Classic’s beta, popular streamer Asmongold has reintroduced to the community the concept of dragon griefing. I mean, what else do you call kiting a dragon world boss into a capital city to rain down death and destruction?

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