Ashes of Creation teases ‘heroic’ weapon design and wearable component gear


I have no desire whatsoever to touch bladed weapons in the real world, but damn if I don’t love to see a gorgeous sparkly pretend video game weapon in all its glory, and that’s exactly what Ashes of Creation has on the agenda for this week.

In the game’s latest dev vlog, Senior Weapon Artist Carson Steil (yes, his last name sounds like steel, and this is awesome) walks gamers through the process of designing weapons for the game – from sculpting the high-poly model, tweaking it into an actually usable low-poly model, and ultimately texturing it into something pretty. As Intrepid’s Steven Sharif notes, the studio’s goal is to create weapons that feel unique and “heroic” but still realistic and not oversized and ridiculous.

There’s also a bit in the video about belt components and sockets for other bits and bobs of customizable attached gear, which might be even more exciting than the weapons themselves. Check the whole video out down below.

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