Black Desert serves up better guild and attendance rewards as BDO on Xbox launches Awakening

Similar to teamwork.

The team that works together stays together, and you can’t work with anyone if you don’t log in to start with.¬†Black Desert Online wants players working together¬†and logging in, and thus two new incentives are kicking off now that the latest patch is out. The first is simply a better set of rookie and returning adventurer rewards, so if you’ve been away for a bit, now you’re going to be getting more for showing up once again.

Guilds, however, will be more focused on the new guild support operation, which is running until June 12th. Players can assemble maps to treasure with their guild, work together on a new galley, and get additional benefits from going to war together. So team up with your friends and take on some new challenges! And let’s not forget the Mediah quests being added.

Your perspective on the world of Black Desert Online will broaden and a clear distinction of relationships between NPCs and associations will be made. The new Mediah Main Quests start by choosing between 2 Crossroads Quests in Abandoned Iron Mine of Altinova. The first storyline opens with the ‘Until We Meet Again’ quest and delves into the events that lead to the downfall of Kingdom of Mediah and the siding with the Shroud Knights. As part of the Shroud Knights, you will earn about the Kingdom of Mediah and be in pursuit of Illezra. The second storyline opens with the ‘[Crossroad] For Altinova’ quest and delves into the events that lead to the reconstruction of Kingdom of Mediah and the siding with Neruda Shen and the Shen Merchant Guild. You will endeavor to bring prosperity to Mediah again.

Unless you’re on the Xbox One, in which case your time will be filled with the new Awakening update that adds in the eponymous Awakenings for the various classes.

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