Outlaws of the Old West makes way for an old-fashioned barn raising


Guess this is a good week to giddy-up! After hearing that Wild West Online is back under the moniker New Frontier, survival sandbox Outlaws of the Old West is raising hell — and a barn or two — with its building-centric Homesteading Farming patch.

“Ever want to churn your own butter? Or plow fields using your faithful steed? Well, now you can,” the devs invited. Obviously, this team knows our butter-loving readers better than we do!

The first content update to hit the game since its debut this past March, Homesteading Farming unloads a ton of building options for players who want to make a cozy home on the frontier. Included in this patch are 27 additional crops, turkeys and cows to ranch, town objects, farming equipment (including a compost pile) and enough specialized pieces to build a proper barn.

Outlaws of the Old West is currently on sale for $14.99 (that’s 25% off) until June 11th.

Source: Steam

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Melissa McDonald

and… can anyone knock over my barn? ruin my crops? or kill me whilst I homestead and farm?


It’s got PvE multiplay and singleplay. I have not played myself but the reviews on Steam of people who have 100+ hours of gameplay seem fairly content with the game. I usually don’t do early access but I love sandbox games with vast realms to explore and farming/building to be had, so I think I may give this a go. I’d say this is a safe buy for $15.

Note: Some of the reviews are wierd. Some don’t like small knit-pick items but like the game overall, then pick ‘Not Recommended’. Others who tried WWO and hated it, seem to like this game.