Playcraft has officially funded on Kickstarter

Playcraft has officially funded on Kickstarter

Playcraft never asked for much from people on Kickstarter, just a small sum to finish its overall development. As it turns out, that’s exactly what it got, with the game’s Kickstarter having just finished successfully. Alpha access is just around the corner for backers at that level, while beta access is a few months away, a sign of how much had already been accomplished even prior to the game’s very modest goals for crowdfunding, raising about $8500 when seeking out $7425.

If you’d forgotten about Playcraft, it’s put forth as a multiplayer sandbox in which players build a game within the existing game world, so more of a framework for games than a game in and of itself. (Those of you reminded of Roblox or Second Life are on the right track.) So good for the game for making its goals, and here’s hoping that the game does well as it moves forward into testing.

Source: Kickstarter

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