Tencent is apparently giving up on the Western port of Honour of Kings, Arena of Valor

Tencent is apparently giving up on the Western port of Honour of Kings, Arena of Valor

Here’s a fun bit of statistical data for you on this Tuesday: Honour of Kings is literally the most successful mobile game in the entire world according to Superdata. That requires a whole lot of money flowing in. And yet it appears that Tencent is literally just giving up on the game’s Western portArena of Valor, which has reportedly had its marketing staff completely dissolved. That’s a big turnaround for a game whose mobile port was released back in 2017, and some of it likely has to do with the rift between Tencent and Riot Games.

Yes, Riot Games is owned by Tencent. Yes, Riot Games also runs some other game you’ve probably heard of. And they’re quite insistent on the point that Honour of Valor is a direct ripoff of League of Legends (which itself is a ripoff of a Warcraft III multiplayer mod, but let’s not quibble), down to recruiting well-known LoL personalities to push Honourarena of Valorkings. It doesn’t appear to have taken, and so it may be that the title has had its last hurrah in the West; feel free to speculate about why down in the comments.

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Robert Mann

*Looks side to side.* Uh, unsure if due to LoL being too likely to make this succeed with a mobile competition, or if Tencent saw all the smack in western nations around their favored monetization tactics and decided it was better to just forget it and cut their losses.

Either way, no big deal to me, but if anyone was looking forward to that then sorry for ya!


Considering there are rumors that Riot’s working on a mobile LoL, I’d guess it was scrapped for that reason.

Anton Mochalin

Honour of Kings isn’t just most popular mobile title – it seems to be the top grossing videogame of all times (making a $1 billion in one month). And it’s just a recent success and the first mobile MOBA to become really successful so I guess Riot or Tencent looked at it and thought “LoL Mobile can have some future”

I hope “LoL Mobile” becomes a hit, mobile gaming needs more good games. Never played LoL on PC (played Dota 2 though) but would try “LoL Mobile”. While waiting for it I could maybe try Arena of Valor…


Clearly the problem is the title, it would have been much more successful as “Honourarena of Valorkings”

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