Trove’s Going Green gardening-overhaul update is live today


Think you’ve got a green thumb? Well you can put it to good use in Trove, as its new Growing Green update, which brings a number of major improvements and additions to the game’s gardening system, is now live on the PC version of the game. Gardeners of level 150 or higher can now find, cultivate, and harvest a variety of new vegetables and alchemy plants, which can be used at the newly added gardening crafting stations. The vegetable sink is, you guessed it, a sink for vegetables where players can wash their home-grown produce to prepare it for consumption. Players can use their fresh, clean veggies as ingredients in other recipes or equip them to munch on them for some useful buffs.

Horticulturists can also make use of the new composting bin, which allows them to turn unwanted crops into organic refuse, which in turn can be used at the new harvesting bench to craft compost heaps that can be, err, “opened” to reveal an array of useful items. In addition, the harvesting bench also grants players the ability to craft a crop-load of new items, including ally habitats, mounts, decorative plants, VFX blocks, frameworks, fertilizers, and more. And on top of all that, the sudden burst of horticultural growth has attracted the attention of a new dragon, Kahramet, Warden of the Fields, whom players can summon by crafting her at the Dragon Crucible using Blossoming Dragon Egg fragments, which can be found inside the new Bobble Pod pinata items.

The update is live now on PC, though it won’t be cropping up on consoles until “later this summer.” For all the details on Trove’s Going Green update, you can check out the full patch notes on the game’s official site.

Source: Press Release, Official Site, Patch Notes

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IronSalamander8 .

This is a game I really want to try but after my account issues with Trion and now the new owners looking a bit sketchy, I don’t know if I should or not.


Hate to be overly cynical, but it sounds like they basically just added more time gates and busywork to gardening while also throwing in some RNG factors with a new dragon at the end of it all (but the materials for it are gained from “pinatas” which are essentially just lockboxes, but at least these ones are craftable?). With other collectibles thrown in as well along the way.

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This was my impression as well. Geode had promise, but eventaully devolved into a choice of buying cash shop boosters, spending an unreasonable amount of time grinding, or quitting the game (I went with #3). Before I left, I had a good look at what the gardening patch was going to offer in the hope it would be worth staying for. Based on what people wrote about it based on the dev server, it sounds like an even worse grind than Geode. I’ll pass.