Wildcard’s pirate MMO Atlas opens its PTS, adds new explorable island areas


It’s been an interesting week for Grapeshot and WildCard Studios thanks to two updates to in-development massive survival sandbox MMO Atlas. First, the PTR is now live and available to all players – players need only activate the beta branch on Steam by adjusting the Properties/Betas settings for the game through Steam. “We will be reopening our PTR Bug reporting channels on the Discord and here on the Forums to coincide with the launch of the PTR,” the studios write. Second, the team’s rolled out a new patch with new discoverable areas.

“First things first, this update adds some new explorable islands to the ATLAS, in addition to the Ice Dungeon. We’ll be placing these islands onto the existing ATLAS, without shifting any of the current islands or biomes around, which means a wipe will not be necessary. However, we advise anyone who has currently left their boats afloat in these areas to set sail or risk your ship being grounded! […] We’re adding a total of 5 unique islands across the entire ATLAS (with more to come in the future). These islands will make their way onto the PTR later today and will be home to the new Giant Tortugar, carrier turtle.”

Player counts for in the early access title fell considerably this spring since the pseudo-launch in December, though it’s held even the last few months, even recovering a bit since March.

Source: Official site

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